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Thursday, January 31, 2013

What BlackBerry Has Done With BB10

BlackBerry 10 is here. Finally! BlackBerry (formerly RIM) have pulled off a superb transition programme from an old legacy OS to a shiny new, up-to-date OS and devices. Every single legacy BlackBerry fan and user that I know of are excited about getting a BB10 device. Oh, I am sure that there will be a few people who will walk away, but what BlackBerry has done here is amazing – a superb level of loyalty and carryover of their existing subscriber base to the new platform, a platform designed from the ground up. That is no

mean feat. What Blackberry has done here is what Nokia ought to have done with the initial transition plan from Symbian to MeeGo. But instead, Nokia burned the Symbian ship, then dumped the MeeGo ship and jumped aboard Windows Phone. I love Windows Phone, but there is no doubt that it is a strange creature to Nokia’s legacy Symbian/Belle fan base. What we see with Nokia’s transition plan has been a huge defection to other platforms. That Symbian to Windows Phone transition plan has been lacklustre compared to what we are seeing with BlackBerry.

Running the new BB10 OS, we have the QWERTY Q10, appealing to the user base that are more comfortable with hardware keyboards, and then the new generation style touch slab Z10, for those who prefer the fashionable way. Right now, there is much excitement and buzz in the BlackBerry world. Even some BlackBerry users who deserted the platform earlier will pick up a BB10 smartphone as soon as they get the chance. That is how good what BlackBerry has pulled off here is.

A brand new identity in sync with the public. A brand new OS. Brand new devices. And best of all, keeping most existing subscribers excited about it all. Darn! I doff my hat to the new team BlackBerry. Kudos!

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