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Friday, June 5, 2015

Top 9 Best Voice/Video Calling apps for Android phones

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Most of the apps categories in Google Play Store are overcrowded by thousands of apps vying for attention but there are a few exceptions too. Voice/Video chatting (voice calling over internet) is one such category which has a very limited number of apps. And out of these apps (which have this special function – allowing users to actually “chat”), only a selected few are up to the mark in terms of voice calling quality and hassle-free performance. Voice calling over internet is just like network dependent phone calling, provided you have a reasonably fast internet connection (which most of us have these days). The only catch in these apps is that the app must be installed on both ends (caller and receiver) and both devices must be connected to internet for free calling. Anyway here are the top 9 apps for voice calling (over internet) on an Android phone/tablet –
Skype – is perhaps the most popular app in this category which allows you to make free voice and video calls (Skype to Skype) and cheap international mobile calls (Skype to any number). The best part of Skype is that its a cross platform app available for almost all mobile and desktop OS. You can get Skype free from Google Play
Official Google Voice app – Google Voice for Android is an impressive app with which you can send free text messages and make voice calls all over the world. Download Google Voice free from Play Store
Google Voice for Android
Google Voice
Line – Line is a relatively new entry in this category but in a short time it has become hugely popular especially among youngsters. Line has a feature-set almost similar to WhatsApp and WeChat plus the added advantage of free voice calling. Download Line free from Play Store
Viber – Viber is a popular, cross-platform messenger app allowing users to send free text messages, video messages and to make voice calls. You can get Viber from Google Play
Fring – Besides text chatting, Fring also allows free group voice calling (upto four persons at a time). Download from Google Play
Tango – Tango supports group voice calling (upto 50 persons) and video calling at a time. Get Tango from Google Play
ooVoo – is a video chatting app supporting voice and video calls (upto 12 persons at a time), photo and video sharing, text messaging. Download from Google Play
ooVoo video call app Android
ooVoo video call
ICQ – ICQ is a messenger app which also supports voice chatting. Download ICQ from Google Play
Kakao Talk – KakaoTalk is another WhatsApp alternative app supporting group chat, voice calling and photo/video/voice message sharing. Download from Google Play
So what’s your pick out of these? and do add any other app you know in this category which I missed here.

Solution to Blue Screen of Death on Startup / Reboot

When blues screen of death showed upon startup, like the picture below, it indicates faulty hardware installed on your computer. In many cases, blue screen of death is cause by a defective battery. It happened to me many times and I found out the battery is empty.  To fix your computer, you need to replace your battery. Open your computer case and then remove the battery by simply pushing the lock until the battery comes out itself.

How to play IDM Incomplete Files | IDM Incomplete File Location

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There are cases when our download’s stuck in middle at nowhere while using Internet download manager or some other downloading manager but here we are going to talk about only IDM incomplete downloaded files. What is more disappointing is when the downloads stuck at 99% and IDM doesn’t allow to resume those incomplete downloaded files leading to frustration as well as internet data wastage. Going for redownloading the whole file from scratch doesn’t sound well so if you are having the same issue where you are stuck at 90% or above that there is always a hope for playing those IDM incomplete files and that’s what we are here going to try out. So just follow the below given step by step tutorial on How to play IDM incomplete files from IDM incomplete file location.

How to Play IDM Incomplete Files : IDM Incomplete File Location
Open RUN Command box by pressing Windows + R Key and type %appdata% as shown below in the screen shot.

Hit Enter after which you will be navigate to the directory C:/Users/USERNAME/AppData/Roaming
Here search for the folder with name as IDM and then open DwnlData Folder -> Then folder with the User Name

Here you will see lots of folder each for a specific file that has download entry in IDM Dashboard.
Just find the appropriate folder containing the file that you wish to play and it may happen that you may find the file broken into multiple files as IDM breaks the file while downloading and joins them together into single one after full completion but yeah you may also found a single file because some websites doesn’t allowing break up of files.
That’s it just leave the log text file behind and try to run your desired incomplete video or audio files using VLC media player and hope fully you will be able to buffer those incomplete audio or incomplete video files.

How to Fix Android Stuck on Boot Screen : Best Fixes


If you own an Android running device and are into customization on your device then you might get stuck on Android boot loop and you will not be able to restart or reboot your device. This problem is common among Android users who try to tweak their devices, however this problem could also be frustrating if you can’t fix it. So, here is how to fix Android stuck on Boot screen. Check here on how to fix android stuck on boot screen.

How to Fix Windows Was Unable to Complete the Format Pendrive/Micro SD/USB

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If you are having trouble formating your USB Flash drive or pendrive, often encountering “Windows was unable to complete the format error” each time while trying to format your usb pen drive then you don’t need to worry anymore because here I have listed some of the best fixes that will surely fix your formatting issue irrespective of which usb pen drive or flash drive you are using.

How to Download Facebook Videos to your Windows PC/Laptop

Facing Problem while Download Facebook Videos on Your Windows PC or Laptop ? – Don’t Worry just go through this post and you will be able to download Facebook videos without any problem.No Doubt Facebook is World’s Largest and Most Popular Social Networking Platform where you meet Millions of People everyday of which Some are Your Friends,Family Members and Most of them are Strangers to You.