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Monday, March 10, 2014

How To Turn On your Computer Using Keyboard Or Mouse

Jimmy questioned, “I came to know that system can also be started using keyboard and mouse. However, I am unable to do so, How can I start my start my system using keyboard or mouse?” Jimmy basically wants to start his computer using keyboard or mouse instead of pressing the power button on his CPU/tower. To power on the system using keyboard and mouse, setting can be configured at BIOS.
You simply need to enable the option in BIOS to boot or power on system using keyboard or Mouse.

This can be done by enabling the Power On By Keyboard or Power On By Mouse options in the BIOS settings. Based on your computer model and manufacture, BIOS screen might differ from the below screens shown. However, you will find the option in Power Management or Integrated Peripherals. Many readers will be aware of this but for those who’re not, I suggest you to check this out.
Turn On your Computer Using Keyboard Or Mouse:

1. Power on your system and Press F2 or Delete to access BIOS setup screen.

2. Select Power Management or Integrated Peripherals and look out for the options “Power on By Keyboard” or “Power on by Mouse”

3. If you want to Power your system using keyboard then select “Power on By Keyboard”. You will see below two options to enable,
Password: If you want to Power On your system using the keyboard, then select “Power on By Keyboard”. You will see below two options to enable.
Keyboard 98: This can be selected for older models of keyboard.

If you want the system to Power On using the mouse, then select “Power on by Mouse” and select Double click option.

Once the setting is configured, press F10 to save the BIOS settings and Exit. In order to test, shut down your computer and press the assigned key to Power On / Turn On your computer using keyboard and mouse. System would generally be Power On without pressing the power button on CPU/tower.

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