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Monday, September 23, 2013

Apple iOS 7 Review: A New and Enhanced User Experience

Getting tired of the same old iOS interface? Well, the Apple iOS 7 has finally landed and it has changed the entire landscape of the iOS and has taken it to a whole new level. In order to upgrade, all you have to do is install the latest version of iTunes and sync your device to it, then backup all your data to the iCloud. Next, press that update button because you are going to love what awaits you. *Fast forwarding time* Congratulations, you now have installed one of the mosteye catching UIs ever! Let’s take a look at what the brand new iOS 7 brings to the table.

New Interface

The home screen has never looked any better. iOS has really changed up the played out interface it has been carrying around for the past many updates. The new iOS is much more colorful. Furthermore, for the first time you can set live wallpapers or even stills with a parallax effect as the background on the iOS. Turning the screen off by pressing the lock button now gives a really cool dimming effect and turning the screen on does the reverse. The way the apps open up has also been changed.
Control Center

The new control center makes it really easy to access most of your settings. You can access your WiFi, bluetooth, your phone’s status, brightness level, music or even your camera from here. I personally found this very useful as I normally had to go to the settings window and different panels to get my tasks done.
Notification Center

The Notification center has seen an incredible improvement. Now it lets you view your emails, the weather, texts messages and birthdays. The notification center will be available on any screen including the lock screen and you can access it the way you normally do, by just swiping it down.

Double tapping the home button will bring up the new and improved multitasking window. Now for the first time in any iOS you can scroll and preview your apps before you open them. If you need to close an app, all you need to do is swipe upwards on the app.
Camera and Photos

The iOS 7 camera is better and much smarter this time. A swipe on the interface switches between modes such as still, video, panorama and square. iOS Camera app now also has lot of filters which you can apply to your pictures to give them the Instagram treatment.

Viewing your pictures has never been better on an iOS device. Pictures now load up faster and there is a new and cool feature which groups your pictures according to time and place. It comes with categories such as moments and years and you can change these modes my pinching your screen.
Air Drop

AirDrop makes sharing look easy. No set-ups or installations required to use this feature. Just take a picture, tap on share and if a person you want to send it too is near you then he/she will instantly receive the picture via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The transfers are encrypted and you can also send secure documents without any worries.
iTunes Radio

iOS finally gets a radio and for no charge. You can check your history to see which songs you have heard from which stations and you can even make your customs playlists. Listening to the radio has never been better.

Overall the iOS 7 is a beautiful upgrade which has made the user interface quite eye catching. Apple has finally added the long waiting stuff such as the new radio while improving on things like multitasking. Siri has also improved on iOS 7 but the greatest change is the whole iOS experience which has once again reinvented the whole smartphone experience. Do comment your thoughts and views on the new iOS 7 and tell us what you think.

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