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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A step by Step guide to clean a laptop screen-safely with household products

Before you start to clean your laptop

Every people want their laptop clean and hygienic. No want to see their laptops taken from a trash can. After a long time use, the laptops are starting to stick. Here is a step by step guide to clean your laptop using with household products.
Make sure to switch off the laptop and remove batteries. Or it may affect you badly (shock).
Remove any external connected devices such as mouse, USB, Disk drives…etc
Find the right products before you clean your laptop
Never turn on your laptop until the cleaning process finished.
Don’t use the solutions directly.
Do not use tissues, papers or napkins to clean your laptop.
Clean your laptop effectively and safely. Follow these guidelines.

How to Clean Laptop Screen safely

1. Laptops may come up with LCD, LED or plasma screens. Experts advices to use products that contain ammonia, alcohol etc. But these are strong solvents. It may affect negatively the laptop screen. So buy a commercially available wipes that tested, safe and specially designed to clean laptop screen.

2. Create a cleansing solution. The solution that recommended is water.

3. Do not apply solution directly to the screen. Take the solution in a small bottle and spray it only in the laptop screen.

4. Use a soft cotton cloth that contains no dust or any particles to wipe the screen. When using cloth make sure to move it in a circular path or any other consistent motion. Don’t move the cloth rapidly. Move it slowly.

5. When wiping the screen do not press your finger too much on laptop screen.

how to clean laptop safely

how to Clean the Keyboard

To clean the laptop with the keys attached use a compressed can of air. To clean effectively the keys from the laptop should be removed. Before taking out the keys make sure you know how to replace the laptop keys. So we will get space to clean laptop keyboard without touching the laptop. When taking out the keys do not damage it. Take it properly with attention. Now take a vacuum cleaner and run it over the laptop keys, so it will remove all dust particles or dirt stick to keys. Then use the solution that prepared early to clean the laptop screen

Clean the other Laptop components

1. Firstly take plain distilled water (Not tap water) in a cup and isopropyl alcohol in other cup.

2. Mix these two solutions in a 50-50 proportion.

3. Take a soft cotton cloth.

4. Spray the solution on the cloth (do not dip directly on solution).

5. Use the cloth to wipe inside laptop keyboard.

6. Use compressed air to clean the laptop ports.

7. Leave the laptop to dry thoroughly.

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