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Monday, November 5, 2012

How to Hide Drives from My Computer

Now it is natural that people share one computer with their house mates and children at their home. So there is no safety of their important document and other work. With this trick you can put all your work on one drive/partition, and can hide the whole partition that nobody can see it. With this trick, nobody will know that the computer has more than one  drive in it. So we can make safe all our data with this trick. It can be quite handy and useful in many ways. Let’s see how to implement this trick. It is quite easy, just follow steps explained below.

How to do it?
First open RUN by pressing window key + R.
Type gpedit.msc and enter, you will get window of Local Group Policy Editor
Now from that window select one by one option explained blow.
User Configuration Administrative Templates Windows Components Windows Explorer
Now select ‘Hide these specified drives in My Computer’ from the list. You will get thenew window.
Now click on Enabled button and select the drive you want to hide as shown in below image.

Just click apply and it’s all done. You will not see that selected drive in my computer now.
To visible it again just open same window and click on disabled button and apply the settings. That hidden drive will be visible again.

Note :- If you don’t see your drive hide or visible after all settings, just restart your computer it will do all things for you. or follow this

1 windows key+r and type [diskpart}
2 and type {list volume} in disk part
3 chose your drive a b c d etc as
4then type{remove letter a,b,c,d not all and just one like {remove letter d} then your drive will hide
5 when you want to again show this drive you will have type in [diskpart} like {assign letter d} then your drive apear again

Hope this information will be helpful for you

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