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Saturday, November 3, 2012

How to fix if your computer time changes automatically

 Some time when we start our computer its system time changes automatically. Mostly all people think that this is the problem related to that small battery which runs this clock. But it is not true in all cases.Just recently I have similar problem with my computer. My computer starts with normal time but after few minutes its time get changed automatically (probably after connected to Internet) !! This was really irritating problem because I have to correct my time each time I restart my computer. After changing time it works okay till I restart it again. I have searched about this thing many time and finally got a helpful and working tip from my friend.
This problem can arise due to incorrect time zone selection. Yes when I checked my time zone it was incorrect. I immediately set it to the correct one and since then its working fine. So if your clock is not working properly than you can check this thing. If this is not set correctly the time can change when you connect your computer to internet. So you can correct it from date and time setting by right clicking clock from bottom right part.

You can also disable Internet synchronize time from the date and time settings which will not change your time even you having wrong time zone selected.

This is very basic thing but still can be really irritating sometimes. So just keep above two things in mind as a solution if you ever face something like this. Have fun.

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