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Monday, October 8, 2012

10 Signs She Wants You

Women can be hard to read. But sometimes they throw off covert signals that scream, "I want you!"
Here's what to look for.
1. She Uses Your First Name: She calls you by your first name instead of your nickname, because she's not one of your buds, nor does she intend to become one.
2. She licks her lips together often, especially in your presence.
3. Her speech pattern changes when she's around you.

4. She touches you often, for no apparent reason.
5. She laughs frequently and nervously, even when there's nothing funny.
6. She uses your name often in a conversation.
7. She Compares You to a Celebrity. She tells you that you look like some particular celebrity, which means she thinks both you and the celebrity are very hot.
8. She brings up sexual topics in your conversation. Women hardly do that with guys they aren't attracted to.
9. She calls you, often. She doesn't mind being the first to call you.
10. She talks about your interests. She can hang out with you, talking about football even though she knows nothing about it, just to impress you.

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